2024 Boat Access Member [New Member]

New Members are those that have not previously passed a Skipper Check out.

How To Gain Access

  1. Join Park City Sailing as a member
  2. Sign up for the Access program
  3. Once you have registered for the Access Program, you will be contacted by one of our instructors to take a skipper's checkout test. Skipper checkouts are generally scheduled 3-5 days after Access Program registration. (Previous Access members are not required retake test.)
  4. After you pass the skipper's checkout, you will be given login information for Skedda, our boat scheduling tool.


  • Boats may be reserved in 3-hour increments.
  • Consecutive reservations are not permitted.
  • Reservations are made through our scheduling system, and are allowed to be made up to one-week in advance.
  • Once registered and checked-out, members will receive an informational email with additional program details.

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